Ornithopter Drone Mechanism Design

Little side project I’ve been working on lately, trying to make an Ornithopter but not one of thsoe simple wirestring mechanisms, rather one that flies… at least remotely comparable to an RC helicopter while carrying a small payload – hoping to print most of the special parts and only buy such things as a motor, servos, battery, etc
the mechanism had been mathematically optimzied to be relatively sturdy and to have wingstroke cycle that essentially conserves energy – basically as one wing slows down another wing speeds up so the motor doesn’t need the power to accelerate the iwngs back and forth with every stroke – it gets a lot more complicated then that but basically it gives you a rather specific ideal cycle
parts aren’t in their optimized weight-saving form yet, this is just a first look at the mechanical interactions – also those are not the wings, those are just basically the arms that the actual proper wings will be attached to

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