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  1. Seeing how this model bends under certain stresses from above reminds me of a cantilever (I know they are completely different but anyway). What might be the feasibility of a triangular-prism truss structure made out of the CF reinforced PETG? I could imagine using something along those lines for reinforcement of a RC car chassis! Nice work.

    1. It could certainly be done though how strong it really is depends on it’s geometry relative to the printer – this was printed basically lying on it’s back so the direction in which stress is actually transferred through the material lines up with the layering – a more complex 3dimensional object might have some stronger and some weaker struts depending on which direction they go in – this could easily be take into account during design though, while in the example images I only showed the overall stress on the material I can just as easily see which direction that stress aligns with
      generally for an actual mechanical part that isn’T flimsy on purpose I would recommend making struts or walls relatively thick and filling them with some lightweight honeycomb structure – 3d printers can easily create complicated shapes and generally speaking a thicker strut or wall can support more weight, even if it’s hollowed out to the same amount of material as a tin one, simply due to levering

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