Customer Project – Analemma Sundial

A project we have been working on with a customer the last few days – we just got the explicit permission to publish the project and sell it to other people as well, so here’s a little preview image
The object is a new type of sundial, with a specially shaped pointer – essentially since the earths orbit isn’t perfectly circular – and for a few other reasons – there are a few deviations in when exactly the sun is actually exactly south.
The sun will also be higher up or lower depending on the time of year – combining these motions gives you a sort of stretched out eight and by shaping the pointer like this path a sundial can essentially automatically correct for these deviations making it much more precise then sundials using a simple straight pointer

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    1. The version we’re currently printing for our original customer costs around 120$ a piece but larger and smaller versions could be made for different prices – the original customer ordered several pieces so at the moment we’re printing those but once that is done we will put a few different versions up for sale – also the sundial would of course have to be slightly modified depending on the users geographical location but that shouldn’t impact the cost too much (the brim the sundial stands on would have to be steeper the closer you are to the equator and flatter the closer you are to the poles)

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