Privacy Policy

The URL of our page is:

If a user leaves a comment on our page we collect the information entered into the comment form as well as their IP address and basic browserdata.

If you use the Gravatar profile picture service in the comments this your e-mail address will be hashed and sent to the Gravatar service – their privacy policy can be found here:
If you write a comment and enter data into the comment form that data can be saved temporarily as a cookie so you can write more comments without having to enter that data again.
Embedded Media on other Websites
This page includes embedded media from other websites (most notably youtube videos) – this embedded media will behave as if you visited that site itself. This sites own policy applies and it might record how you interact with that media (for example if you are logged into youtube and watch a youtube video embedded on this page that video will be in your youtube accounts watch history)
If you write a comment that comment and the metadata connected to it will be saved indefinitely.
You can use this website without entering any personal information – in that case only a standard sever logfile entry will be made including your IP adress, browserdata and what pages and files you opened. This is done purely for maintanance reasons and will be deleted no more then 7 days after recording.
This website is hosted on 3rd party servers, specifically Strato’s – all data collected will be stored and processed on their servers.
We collect personal information that you enter into any forms on this page or a connected 3rd party page – this data will only be used as far as it is necessary in order to provide the service you order or it is stated here. This data will not be used otherwise, published or shared with anyone else unless necessary for the service provided (for example shipping information will be used to send you the objects you order but nothing else)

We use social media plugins to link to our facebook, google+ and youtube page – these plugins work by 2-click solution meaning that by visiting our website you do not get connected to their servers. Only when clicking on the button in question you will be redirected to their website, at which point their own privacy policy applies.